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Here is What I'm Thankful for This Year

Being Able to Do What I Love.

Leaving Gartner six years ago was not an easy decision to make, as it meant leaving the safety of a good brand and paycheck to try and find a new spark in my career. I eventually found it in Creative Strategies, where I build relationships that deliver results for my clients rather than business transactions that end up in a metric system. Launching "The Heart of Tech" this year, was a small step in what I hope will become a more significant part of my life and, most importantly, what will make a difference in growing awareness on the importance of diversity and inclusion in business.

Engage with and Learn from Smart and Openminded People.

I am always amazed by how many smart people are out there. I know, at times, it feels like all we see in the news and social media are examples of stupidity, ignorance, and just a blatant lack of common sense, but the world has some truly brilliant minds, many of which are women. I am so thankful that I come across so many of those with my clients, colleagues, people I follow on Twitter, or share podcasts with. It is funny how, with age, and more self-confidence in my own abilities, my ears and mind are more open to finding the golden nugget from what people say and use it to further my thinking.

My Customers' Trust.

I firmly believe that being an analyst and attempting to influence my clients' products, solutions, thinking, and messaging requires a tailored approach. It requires me to understand the business and provide specific advice for that business, not the vertical or market they are in. I work with every client as if they were my only one, and I am so very thankful to be working with top brands in tech that truly value the role of an independent thought leader. This is why I build relationships, not business transactions. Relationships based on trust. Trust that is earned not given and that I never take for granted.

My Supportive Husband.

I am so fortunate to have my husband at my side every single day, and for every single decision, I make about my career. He reads every single article I write, including this, but I promise this is not why he gets the shout out. He listens, provides his opinion when asked, knowing I might not follow his advice. Most importantly he knows when to leave it well alone 😊

He is a fantastic educator for our daughter, and he pushes me every day to do better, be better. Women can have it all, but they do not have to do it all if they have supportive people around them.

My Smart, Sassy, Curious Child.

I often joke that our daughter has the sole purpose in life to keep me relevant in my profession. The truth, though, is that, much like her dad, she is my big incentive to do better, see the positive in life and people, laugh out loud and think of how my actions impact the world.

There are days when I feel like I am fighting with an alien, but all in all, I am so very thankful she barged into my life almost 12 years ago. She will be responsible for building her life the same way as I did with mine, but as parents, we want to help her grow strong foundations. This is what drove her dad's decision to homeschool and my decision to start researching tech and education. I firmly believe tech has the potential to help us create a much more personalized learning experience that leverages the kid's skills so they can love to learn, not just learn.

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends, have a fantastic day, and if it is just another Thursday, make it a thankful one!

Thank you for reading!



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