Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker, a panel moderator or guest, Carolina can bring knowledge, insights, perspective and actionable advice. Some humor is usually part of her formula too!
Services Offered: Keynote Speaker, Webinar Presenter, Ted-talk Speaker, Panel Moderator, and Guest, Podcast host or guest


Carolina's knowledge of the technology market coupled with her love and passion for education lead her to help technology providers to really understand what kids and parents, as well as educators, want and need from technology. Carolina also draws from her own experience as a homeschooling family. 
Services Offered: Research, White Papers, Strategic Brainstorming Sessions, Product & Message Testing.



Tech companies should strive to reach a diverse and inclusive workplace. Many are looking at diversity and inclusion simply from an ethical perspective and they fail to see how much their business could thrive thanks to an inclusive and diverse workplace. Carolina has been writing about women in tech for years and has helped tech companies think about women as part of their addressable market both when they design and market their products. 

Services Offered: Research, Coaching, Strategic Brainstorming Sessions, Product & Message Testing.


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